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For Jason Gilmore, Halo Corp’s Mars Culture Strategist, that someone was Keara York. The managing barista at the headquarter’s coffee shop was incubating something special inside of her small cafe. It was percolating with compassion, generosity and a heart-centered outlook on life. 

Jason was developing an interplanetary community for NASA’s MARS PROJECT to launch in the year 2030. His goal was to translate the core values necessary for a thriving, intergalactic society. Coincidentally, he was also reopening Halo’s own Austin, Texas workplace after a post-pandemic hiatus. 

Although unconventional, Jason had a feeling Keara and her coffee shop might guide him to the solutions he was looking for and show him how to build a human community worthy of its destiny

The 13 Steps to Riches: Volume 2 – Faith

Presenting: The 13 Steps to Riches by Habitude Warrior Volume 2 FAITH

Based on the timeless truths of Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich, the 13 steps come alive in this modern-day journey by each hand-selected author in this first-ever series.

Volume 2: Sharon Lechter – FAITH

The 13 Steps to Riches: Volume 1 – Desire

The 13 Steps to Riches by Habitude Warrior Special Edition Volume 1 DESIRE

In this professionally published limited author series the entire 13-set series is being made available globally by Beyond Publishing, in all formats. Available in bookstores, libraries, and online stores everywhere.

Volume 1: Denis Waitley – DESIRE

The Will To Live

When that day had begun, I was twenty-five years young, living at home with my family, and pretty much just drifting through life. My existence was not very deep. I was not the type who took the time to stop and smell the roses or to feel the velvety beauty of their soft petals.

But by nightfall, having received this horrific diagnosis, my sense of a future full of relatively carefree days had come to a jolting halt. As I tried to fall asleep, terror gave way to an imagined future of doctors and tests and treatments that would make me feel worse than I already did.

I had no way of knowing then that cancer would hardly be the end of my carefree life. In fact, more accurately, it heralded a new beginning – a less carefree approach and a more life-filled manner of living.

Maggie Unmasks Planet Pumpkin

Erin Ley’s 36 page character-building children’s book, Maggie Unmasks Planet Pumpkin, is the second book of the Maggie the Magnificent series and has been created to illustrate the importance of self-esteem, individuality, and courage.

Maggie the Magnificent has decided to throw her very first Halloween party. She is very excited to spend an evening with her close friends while meeting those from other planets as well. She is especially curious to meet the residents of Planet Pumpkin. Maggie used to have a pen pal from Planet Pumpkin who never signed her letters and would never answer any of Maggie’s questions. Eventually she stopped writing to Maggie altogether.

When talking to her best friend Ryan, Maggie begins to wonder how she is going to get to know the residents from other planets if everyone is wearing a mask. She will have no idea whom she is talking to.

Maggie’s in The Driver’s Seat

Erin Ley’s 80 page children’s book, Maggie’s in the Driver’s Seat, is an out-of-this-world adventure that kids and parents can take together from their own home. Six stimulating stories accompanied by full-color illustrations give parents the tools to teach their children how to build positive character traits and discover basic human virtues. Each excursion delivers a memorable message that children will forever benefit from throughout their own life journey.

Each adventure story takes Maggie to a different planet where a different character trait is illustrated, learned, and applied. Maggie discovers responsibility, respect, honesty and accountability, compassion, self-discipline and generosity. As she encounters these traits, she realizes how she can apply them to her own life.