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You’re a gifted, well-meaning and heart-centered individual.

You shouldn’t feel stuck. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Listen to my masterclass to learn how to get the peace of mind, quality of life, and fulfilling relationships you’ve been longing for!

Celebrate life and you’ll have a life worth celebrating!

Erin’s Story

When I was 25 years old, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. I went from living carefree for the weekends to living for the next scary, unexperienced moment of my life.

Erin’s Books

As a multiple times best-selling Author, Erin Ley uses her skill as a story teller to teach people life lessons that resonate and motivate. From children to C-suite executives, Erin has something for everyone.

Rapid Revenue Coaching

As a Business Strategist and Profit Acceleration Coach, Erin helps business owners easily find over $100,000 in hidden revenue, compounding annually, utilizing 12 proven strategies, without spending any additional money on marketing or advertising.

Erin’s YouTube Channel

Erin Ley is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, business empowerment coach, and host of the “Life On Track” TV show. For over 30 years, Erin has shown tens of thousands of business leaders globally how to become victorious by being focused, fearless, and excited. 


Erin Ley is a World-Class Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author and Empowerment & Success Coach. She is Host of the streaming “Life On Track” summit and TV show, inspiring viewers worldwide about making the most of life’s opportunities. For decades, audiences and clients across the globe have enjoyed her warmth and wisdom, inspired by her transformational power. She is the creator of the popular “Life On Track” coaching program.

They call Erin “The Miracle Maker!” As a cancer thriver at age 25, happily unstuck single Mom of 3 at age 47, successful Entrepreneur at age 50, and serial manifester when it matters most, Erin has shown thousands upon thousands across the globe, how to become victorious by being focused, fearless, and excited about life and your future! Ms. Ley is the author of several books, including the popular #1 bestseller “WORKLUV: A Love Story”. Clients are empowered for life-change through her coaching, audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars.

Erin says, “Celebrate life and you’ll have a life worth celebrating!”